I have published numerous articles in learned journals and books, and I am the author/editor of several books.

My publications probably reflect an imbalance in the sense that I have given too much weight to writing/editing books relative to publishing (journal) articles.  From a career perspective, this is not ideal.

Why? Because journal publications are what really matters in economics as an academic discipline. Books are not on the list you look at when the theme is promotion, prestige, bonus payments and the like...

Why do it then? Perhaps it has to do with my enthusiasm for teamwork. Most of my books have involved several people, and I enjoy the process of producing a book. Gives me so much work satisfaction.

So, even with a high opportunity cost in terms of lost prestige, perhaps this is the morale: Do what you like, even if it doesn't boost your career! Don't get surprised if yet another book comes out with my name on it...

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