The conference site is where you meet your colleagues in person... I am a regular organizer of conferences and workshops on topical issues. I also frequently give talks at events at home and abroad.

As an organizer of such events, I have come to prefer two conferences, namely PeRCent’s annual conference in Copenhagen and the annual "Laugarvatn conference" in Iceland.

PeRCent’s annual conference really stands out as our flagship! I have organized this event eight consecutive years, each time together with my colleague Jesper Rangvid.

In putting the programme together, we do our best to build bridges between academia and practice. Sometimes we ask practitioners to act as discussants on academic papers. And we have practitioners represented in the policy forum where a topical issue is up for a panel debate.

More generally, Jesper and I try to strike a balance between many objectives: junior/senior, gender, theory/empirics, economics/finance, national/international, etc. In any case, the conference attracts a lot of participants, and we see it as the pension conference in Denmark...

The event in Laugarvatn hasn’t yet achieved the same status and tradition… This is an event you can attend by invitation only. I organize it together with Gylfi Zoega - in 2023 for the third time. It brings together researchers from Iceland, Denmark, other Nordic countries and the UK.

Unlike the PeRCent flagship conference, the Laugarvatn conference is a two-day event. It takes place at Héraðsskólinn at the beautiful Lake Laugarvatn in the middle of the Golden Circle. A very pleasant site, surrounded by hills, lava fields and fertile countryside.