Svend Erik
Hougaard Jensen

Professor of Economics, Director of PeRCent
CBS building called 'Kilen'. It's a modern and award winning construction, drawn by  Lundgaard & Tranberg


I'm a professor of economics at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). I'm also director of the CBS-based Pension Research Centre (PeRCent), and I'm a non-resident fellow at Bruegel, the Brussels-based think tank that specialises in economics.

I graduated with a cand. oecon. degree (MSc, Economics) from the University of Aarhus and an MA (Economics) degree from the University of Manchester, before earning my PhD (Economics) degree from the London Business School.

My research focuses on topics such as generational and macroeconomic effects of changing demographics, public and private pensions, fiscal policy in monetary unions, sustainability and management of public debt, financial stability and macroeconomic policy in general.

I have been chairman of Bruegel's Scientific Council; a member of the Systemic Risk Council in Denmark and a member of the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy. I have also contributed to many agency reports, including projects for the World Bank and the European Commission.


I get my motivation from real-world challenges, and my research is typically applied and with a policy orientation. I write about pensions, debt, saving, fiscal rules, financial stability etc. - often with a European angle...

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